Lighten Up! with Comedy at Macs Bar

Comedy has always been an important aspect of StoopFest and this year is no different! We are so thrilled to have this year's comedy lineup curated by Comedy Coven's own Tricia Chamberlain. Pop into Mac's Bar anytime between 3p and 8p to get a dose of laughs from a diverse and talented group of comedians. 

3pm: Second Stage Improv


MC: Emily Syria

Jamie Bozack

Lauren Booza

Chris Kladis

Christian Royce

Myles DeLeeuw

Ellen Stachowicz

Alex Price

Ne Izima


MC: Sarah Jean Anderson

Megan DeWitt

Kaira Williams

Thorn E. Rose

Sydney Smith

Ashley Stommen

Tam White

Kai Quix

Gayle Murray

Heather Jay


Funny Girls


MC: Grace Green

Deanna Ortiz

Alex Kumin