How do I get in to all the StoopFest venues?
When your StoopFest day begins, head down to The Avenue Cafe (2021 E Michigan Ave) or Mac's Bar (2700 E Michigan Ave -- opens at 3p). You’ll be able to snag an all-access wristband at either location, and pick up a map laying out all of this year’s venues!

Why can’t I just get a wristband from the house?
To make things easier and safer for our staff (comprised solely of volunteers), we use one central check-in location. With so many venues, it isn’t really feasible for us to have cash tills and will-call lists everywhere!

Are there physical tickets available?
Fee-Free physical tickets are available at the following locations:

  • Flat Black and Circular

  • The Avenue Cafe

  • Macs Bar

  • The Record Lounge

  • UHF Records

Are there any age restrictions for attending the festival?
The festival is 100% all ages until 9pm and children are more than welcome! After 9pm The Avenue shifts to a 21+ venue. However Mac's remains open to all ages. Be aware, the environment after 9pm may not be suitable for young children.

Is there parking?
There is limited parking available at the Allen Neighborhood Center, at Macs Bar, and behind The Avenue Cafe. However the Eastside neighborhood has ample street parking until 2am. Please follow all signs when parking.

What’s the best way to get around?
StoopFest is a great chance to get out your bike or walk around. The CATA 1 also makes frequent stops along Michigan Avenue -- text ‘76123’ with your stop number to find out when they’ll be there next!

Do houses have capacities?
Due to the unique nature of our neighborhood festival it is possible individual houses may fill up for sets. If this happens, the houses reserve the right to deny entry if they feel additional people would be unsafe. 

Are StoopFest venues accessible to those with mobility differences?
Because StoopFest takes part largely in peoples' homes, folks with mobility differences might have difficulty accessing either the show space or restrooms. However, Mac’s Bar, the Avenue Cafe, and the Allen Street Center are all fully accessible from the street, and our crew is happy to listen and do whatever we can to help with any specific concerns!

What if the weather is bad?
StoopFest 2018 will go on rain or shine! Be sure to check the weather report the day of, and dress accordingly!

 $20 for a DIY fest? Where is this money going?
100% of StoopFest proceeds go to the artists performing! The organizers of StoopFest have never taken a single dollar of profit, and that is not changing this year! We want you to know that your dollars are going directly towards supporting artists, and we plan to release a detailed summary of where money goes after the festival is wrapped up!

Where can I eat?
Food information can be found at stoopfest.com/eat